Being on the water is one of the most relaxing and pleasurable experiences that I have been able to enjoy. When I was originally injured with a spinal cord injury I didn’t think I would be able to spend much time out on the water. This was a false assumption and I now have had many excellent adventures in different kinds of watercraft. Lake George is one of the more substantially sized lakes on the East Coast and home to YKnot, Sailing an organization devoted to helping people with disabilities enjoy the pleasures of sailing. Nestled in a beautiful valley in New York State, Lake George commands beautiful mountain views, excellent restaurants, and a little something for the whole family.

Sailing on the Lake was a great experience for me. The program on Lake George is very well organized with a lifting system that pulls you right out of your wheelchair and sets you gently down in one of the programs several small sailboats. You are fitted with a life jacket and accompanied by an experienced sailor, then it’s your choice how involved in sailing you want to become. I myself was able to man the rudder, sit back and enjoy a day of beautiful weather and sailing. Others have actually been training to sail small ships using a sip and puff mechanism.

Sailing is a great experience for anyone who enjoys a nice quiet leisurely sail or for anyone who likes the rush of adrenaline on a windy day. The choice is up to you, but I definitely recommend getting out there and giving sailing a go.

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